Spray Lanolin Sampler Set Trios

Spray Lanolin Sampler Set Trios

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A great way to try out some new scents! Each set contains three 2 oz spray lanolin bottles. Choose from the following options:

Exotic Summer Scents

  • Tropical Paradise FO
  • Rainforest Utopia FO
  • Island Escape FO

Walk in the Woods Combo

  • Woodland Breeze EO/FO
  • Morning Mist EO/FO
  • Sea Salt & Water Lilies EO/FO

Fruity Fun Summer Special

  • A Peachy Summer FO
  • Berry Blast FO
  • Strawberry Lemonade FO

Essential Oils Only

  • Happy EO
  • Mother Earth EO
  • Karmic EO

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